CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems

A security camera monitoring system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. ADG is proud to offer the experience and expertise to design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet your unique business needs, as well as integrate with your existing systems.

Benefits of upgrading your Surveillance System

Future proof your investment with the most high-tech surveillance system. With facial recognition and AI analytics allow you to leave your facility with confidence. Get a complete picture of your business and proactively respond to security threats from one easy-to-use interface. Manage cameras, change user permissions, and setup notifications right from your mobile device.


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Manufacturer Partners

Eagles Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud storage based video management system that can be accessed anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, or computer through a web browser.

  • Powerful AI Analytics
  • Additional Cyber Security
  • Cloud Storage
  • Watch your cameras live via the Eagle Eye CameraManager application

IC Realtime

IC Realtime is a global innovator of video surveillance technology for the residential, commercial, government and military channels. With leading technology such as:

  • Facial Recognition
  •  Auto Tracking
  • Thermal and IR Camera
  • 360 & Panoramic Cameras
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Surveillance Solution for Cannabis Industry

Did You Know?

Medical marijuana dispensaries must meet state regulations in order to conduct business. Strictly enforced state regulations vary for each state but all have thing in common: all states permitting dispensaries require that the facility manager have a functioning video surveillance system monitoring the dispensary at all times.

Potential Issues

Loss Prevention:                            Theft & potential for internal discounts in the form of unauthorized  or unlawful sales to friends & family can easily be prevented

Storage Issue:                             Most states today require 90 days of video history, and some may require up to one full year.


Blind Spots:                               Depend on your facility size, surveillance can be expensive to cover every single dark corners.

How Can We Help?

With 35 years in surveillance planning & installation, ADG can find you the best layout that will fit your cannabis store, warehouse, and farm. You will work with our experts in this industry to find suitable camera types, lenses, and advanced features like auto-tracking, facial recognition, and cloud storage.

We offer a comprehensive selection of services, including system integration, configuration services, installation support, end-user training, system design and layout, and camera placement proposals.