Elevate Cloud Solution

Take your business to the next level with fully integrated unified communications.
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ADG’s platform is designed to enhance how your business communicates through Phones, Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing, File Backup & Collaboration, Desktop Control, and Mobile Apps.

Elevate is a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform that enables users to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. Whether in the office, remote, or anywhere in-between, Elevate seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one seamless solution oriented around your employees’ needs and workstyles.
Benefits of moving to Elevate:

  • Free IP Phones
  • Enable Remote
  • Workforce
  • Highly Reliable
  • Simplified Scaling &
  • Management
  • Lower Cost
  • Business Continuity
  • Increased Productivity & Collaboration
  • Arizona Local and Reliable support
We make switching to the cloud easy with our quick migration process that’ll have you set up within days and our account representatives manage a great onboarding process for seamless integration. Cloud benefits are clear.

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The Elevate App brings all the your office essential collaboration tools together:

  • Place and receive phone call
  • Flip calls seamlessly without interruption
  • Have total control and manage your calls
  • Real-time communication with your team through chat and SMS
  • Quickly access your contacts list
  • Team meet with HD video call and screen sharing
  • Access and share files securely between colleagues

Elevate Desktop App

The Elevate desktop app acts like a remote control for the user’s associated desk phone, empowering employees to be more effective and efficient with call management.

Elevate Mobile App

The Elevate mobile app enables a mobile device to become a communications endpoint for the Elevate service. Employees can now call or receive calls through the corporate phone system and utilize enterprise-level calling features, no matter where they are.


Video Conferencing & Screensharing

Elevate includes Online Meeting, an easy-to use, reliable video collaboration tool. Includes:

  1. HD video conferencing eliminates unnecessary travel and empowers teams with remote members to be more productive.
  2. Screen sharing. The computer desktop can be shared with team members in real-time, improving collaboration and speed of decision making.
    Includes a conference dial-in number, and custom URLs for meetings.

File Sharing & Security

File sync and share with backup for desktops, mobile devices, and file servers.

  • The most current version of files from any device
  • Easy and secure file sharing
  • Integration with Windows file server, Exchange Email, Active Directory, Outlook,
    Office, and Office 365

Full control over files, users, devices, and sharing activities

Traditional vs VOIP Business Phone Systems

Regular phone systems communicate with the help of analog signals. These signals travel through a twisted pair of cables with continuously changing frequency and altitude which is decoded at the receiving end. On the other hand, you can make telephone calls over the internet with VoIP. The data here travels in digital form through wired or wireless networks.

Voice over IP provides a digital, network-based phone system infrastructure that combines both voice and data together for a more consolidated and secured network capability. By choosing a VoIP phone system, allows you to run your system via your internal network, or perhaps even through the cloud with our cloud-based VoIP services. An IP business phone system is cost-efficient since it can interface with today’s technology while already bridging the gap for the future. It includes all of the features of a traditional phone system while adding additional elements naturally.

  • Tailored solution to match your business need
  • Offer solution to streamline your business communication management
  • Our pricing is competitive and transparent
  • Offer after-installation support services for future needs

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