Located in the West Valley and managed by Russell Smith, ADG Services are known valley-wide for providing innovative products and services while remaining reliable and cost-effective.

Locally owned and operated since 1985, ADG Communications understands that your business depends on reliable and affordable telecommunications. We maintain a staff of trained and certified technicians to review your needs, install, and service telecommunications equipment for your business.

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Every issue is unique and unpredictable. Any technology, machinery, or software can have this issue in a matter of time. We understand and recognize this problem which is why we think Long Term Support Agreement contracts are essential to business.

  • Disaster Recovery
    • Disaster happens when you the least expected them. So it is essential to have a backup plan like our recovery service. We can help you protect and bring your communication system back in no time.
  • Support Contracts
    • This is a crucial addition to your manufacturer’s warranty. This support provides a wide range and customizable support services to your business needs, including
      • Guarantee Response Time
      • Hardware Replacement
      • Technical Support Onsite/Remote
      • Discount On Additional Work And Material
      • 24/7 or 8/5 Support